Egypt Revolution Advances Hope in the Middle East

Egypt Revolution Advances Hope in the Middle East

The firm stance and unified voice of the Egyptian people that brought about the successful people’s revolution in January, 2011, has been applauded as an ‘exhilarating moment’ that has had an impact on the entire region. Egypt , long regarded as an ‘apathetic’ nation, has quashed this negative reputation, replacing it with one of self-respect, dignity and determination.

Israel, however, fears the unity and strength of the Egyptian people as they struggle for their rights; as in doing so, Egypt is asserting itself with Israel , no longer satisfied with its indifferent role.

Israel has a history of fear; as it feared Gamal Abdel Nasser’s modernization plans in the 1950s, and is now panicking as it sees that Egypt may well take part in the modern world and become ‘a power to reckon with in the region’. Undoubtedly, Egypt will no longer be dictated to by either domestic or international powers.

Peace in the Middle East is quite likely as Egypt ‘s growing autonomy means the Israel/Palestine issue may be resolved.

Egypt does not hesitate to acknowledge the rights of Palestinians, especially those in the impoverished Gaza Strip and the massacres they have faced at the hands of Israel , including that in 2009. The Israeli invasion of Gaza in 2009 succeeded in instilling fear throughout the Arab world, as Israel sent out a message that anyone who opposes it will be destroyed.

However, Egypt is learning to stand on its own feet and is asserting its economic and political power, and Palestinians have a loyal ally in this growing nation – most notably the Muslim Brotherhood – which is seeking justice, freedom, balance and the well-being of all within its borders, and beyond.