• August 3, 2013

Egypt Revolution Lawyers Reveal Backstage Details of President Morsi Interrogation

Egypt Revolution Lawyers Reveal Backstage Details of President Morsi Interrogation

In a news conference Saturday at Rabaa Al-Adaweya, Mustafa Azab, media spokesman of the ‘Anti-Coup Lawyers’ (ACL) movement, revealed important information about charges brought by the military-appointed figurehead government against Mohamed Morsi, Egypt’s legitimate President, accusing him of collaborating with the Islamic Resistance Movement Hamas, clearly trumped up political charges.

Azab stressed that the ACL legal team alone follows the legal situation with President Morsi. He stressed that there was no defense team for the President, as legally he is not accused of anything to start with, because it is not legally permissible for any authority to bring charges against the President.

Azab further said that any action to investigate the President is null and void. It would be nothing but political thuggery, another crime added to the black record of the coup commanders and their collaborators.

He also said that the President refused the interrogation completely, since he is the legitimate President of the country. Azab confirmed that the President has not and will not accept such illegal abuses and violations of the Constitution and the law, and that he refused to sign documents related to investigations.

The ACL media spokesman affirmed that the lawyer movement will challenge the so-called transitional government’s grave errors in all legal ways available, pointing that the confidence of citizens in the Public Prosecution service is non-existent, although it is one of the pillars of the judiciary.

Azab held the Public Prosecution service fully responsible for the safety of all those who have been arbitrarily arrested and detained in coup prisons, adding that their hunger-strike is only the beginning of escalations. He warned all those who collaborate with coup authorities against getting involved in any of their crimes.

"We will chase all criminals wherever they may appear or hide, even in newspapers and on television screens, in accordance with the law. All their criminal acts will be fully documented.

"We will remain thorns in the throats of criminals."