• July 15, 2015
  • 2 minutes read

Egypt Revolutionary Council Demands International Investigation Into Public Prosecutor Assassination

Egypt Revolutionary Council Demands International Investigation Into Public Prosecutor Assassination

A senior Egyptian Revolutionary Council (ERC) leader said Wednesday that the ERC called for the formation of an international committee to investigate the assassination of Hisham Barakat, Egypt’s Public Prosecutor on June 29.

This came during a press conference on the latest developments in Egypt, held Wednesday in Turkey by judicial and political leaders opposed to the military coup in Egypt.

Judge Walid Sharabi, ERC Vice President, said during the press conference: "The ERC demanded and already formally asked the United Nations to form a committee to conduct an international investigation into the assassination of Hisham Barakat.

"Justice in Egypt is unable to ensure a fair and impartial investigation into the murder of Hisham Barakat, due to the unwarranted intervention by the commander of the military coup into the work of the judiciary. Therefore, the ERC is urging for an international investigation by a neutral committee, to expose the regime that killed Hisham Barakat and wanted to trade his blood for the junta’s own benefits."

Barakat was assassinated on Monday – June 29. Coup authorities accused the Muslim Brotherhood immediately after the incident. Meanwhile, the Brotherhood strongly denied responsibility and denounced the traitorous murder.

ERC vice chair Sharabi further said: "The public prosecution service is deliberately hiding all evidence and real witness statements on the targeting of Hisham Barakat. Many eyewitness statements made right after the car bomb went off, killing Hisham Barakat, prove that the official accounts of the whole incident were far from accurate, but in fact careful and deliberate attempts to fabricate and falsify".

On the new Terrorism Act, issued by the military regime in Egypt following the Barakat assassination, Sharabi added: "The new so-called terrorism law gives the green light to coup security forces to commit murder outside the framework of the law. It will further curb press freedoms in Egypt".