• October 7, 2015
  • 4 minutes read

Egypt Revolutionary Council Statement on October War Urges Soldiers, Officers to Join Revolution

Egypt Revolutionary Council Statement on October War Urges Soldiers, Officers to Join Revolution

Today (Tuesday), we mark the forty-second anniversary of the October (1973) War, while the military regime led by Abdel-Fattah Al-Sisi lays to waste all that remains of that victory in the hearts and minds of Egyptians by fully obeying the will of the enemy, even acting as a servile agent devoted to protecting the enemy’s security at the expense of the Egyptian people, other Palestinians and Arabs.

In the October War, the Egyptian military recovered its honor, which it lost in 1967 at the hands of the Zionist army. We realize that many in the military establishment in Egypt are not happy, but complain privately about the coup gang’s subjugation and betrayal of the age-old Egyptian military heritage.

The Egyptian Revolutionary Council (ERC) congratulates the Egyptian people on this significant anniversary. We call on army soldiers and officers to prepare to join the masses of the people that will come out to rid Egypt of this junta that seized control of the military and led it away from its primary role of defending the people against external enemies and border protection, to killing people with weapons paid for by the people.

The ERC believes in the inevitability of the victory of the Revolution, whatever the obstacles and whatever acts of repression, torture and murder the coup commanders – the Camp David generals – commit against the people.

On this anniversary, cherished by all Egyptians, we call on all prudent patriots in the military to wise-up before it is too late, before Egyptians rise in rumbling revolt capable of sweeping away whole armies, not just this gang of murderers who control the affairs of Egypt’s army at present.

To every army soldier, officer, and civilian working in military installations… make your choice now. It is not too late just yet. Either stand with the people, the Revolution and the homeland, or be with the gang of thieves and murderers. Soon, you will pay for your choice. It is indeed time to take this decision.

This is the Revolution’s first appeal to the patriotic men and women of Egypt in all sectors, including the military. The Revolution will be victorious, God willing.

Egyptian Revolutionary Council

October 6, 2015