• August 15, 2017
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Egypt Revolutionary Women Coalition Marks Rabaa Massacre Fourth Anniversary

Egypt Revolutionary Women Coalition  Marks Rabaa Massacre Fourth Anniversary
On the fourth anniversary of the bloodiest and most horrific massacre in Egypt’s modern history, the Revolutionary Coalition for Egyptian Women (RCEW) affirms that it is no time for silent suffering or mere crying over spilled blood or destroyed property. We have suppressed the pain, taken it as fuel for the continuing Revolution, a guiding light on the path to victory over the brutal military coup and all that it means: a blow to freedom and dignity, bloodshed and theft of the destiny and the future of the people.

If some of us are now looking at the massacre with great sadness, remembering the martyrs, the wounded and the forcibly disappeared since then, this grief must be translated into action and new means and mechanisms to end the coup and hold its criminals accountable, to pay a price for all their crimes – which are not subject to any statute of limitations.

All supporters of legitimacy should realize that the element of time, the passage of four years since the massacre, does not mean despair or resignation. Radical changes in the lives of nations and peoples, especially those that face international and Zionist alliances interested in the continuation of oppression and repression, always need patience, hard work, sacrifice and dedication.

Today, more than ever, RCEW stands by the families of the martyrs and the wounded and all men and women of the Revolution who continue to work, who have not abandoned protests or forgotten the cause of their homeland or the blood of their brothers and sisters who died for that cause.

All Egypt’s revolutionaries must persist, steadfast in liberty squares across the homeland, and also innovate and use new means of protest, and endeavor every day to gain new ground. Rabaa was not about a specific square or place, but an idea and a major issue that should remain alive inside all of us.

Revolutionary Coalition for Egyptian Women

Cairo in: Monday – August 14, 2017