• August 10, 2015
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Egypt Revolutionary Women Coalition Warns of Coup Plot Against Legitimate President Morsi

Egypt Revolutionary Women Coalition Warns of Coup Plot Against Legitimate President Morsi
The Revolutionary Coalition for Egyptian Women (RCEW) is increasingly concerned regarding possible criminal activities by coup security forces against the legitimate elected President Mohamed Morsi in prison.

President Morsi revealed at his trial Saturday (August 8) that he suffers five types of major crimes, at the hands of junta forces. Then, the judge did not let him complete his statement.

RCEW affirms that coup authorities that hold the elected President captive are preventing him from communicating with any member of his own defense team. In fact, no-one even knows where he is being held. More importantly, he is denied access to any medicine, medical treatment or essential health care.

Ominously, this means coup forces are planning a major crime against the President in an attempt to get out of their current crisis (the crime of kidnapping the elected President) by killing him and then claiming he died as a result of illness. That is what RCEW strongly warns the junta and its illegitimate regime against.

RCEW calls for all human rights organizations and civil society institutions to join forces in order to save the legitimate President. He must, at least, as a precaution, be transferred to a hospital where he can receive safe health care. He should also be able to communicate with the outside world. Even ousted Mubarak, who corrupted political life for 30 long years, and got toppled by the January 25 Revolution, was held in a medical institution. He even used to go out to the balcony waving to his supporters and loyalists. How can this treasonous coup deprive the legitimate President of his simple rights, unless it is hatching an evil plot against him.

RCEW urges all Egyptian revolutionaries to persist on the path of the January 25 Revolution, the non-violent anti-coup resistance, which should continue until we defeat the coup completely, reinstate democratic legitimacy, and exact retribution from all criminals and traitors.

The Revolution Continues

Revolutionary Coalition for Egyptian Women

Cairo – August 9, 2014