Egypt ’s judges “the regime distorts constitution to fight MB”

Egypt ’s judges “the regime distorts constitution to fight MB”


A group of politicians and experts in the Constitution severely criticised the Egyptian regime for freezing the legal development and distorting the constitution with the recent amendments with the aim of excluding the Muslim Brotherhood (MB) from the political arena.

Chancellor Reda Farouk, a Judge in the State Council, stated in the conference of “Discussing the role of Constitutional Court in Egypt ” that Egypt and its judiciary should not stop any legal development or distort the constitution under the pretext of fearing  the MB. He pointed out that this is not part of the law or the constitution.

He added “democracy requires all regimes to allow the participation of all while respecting the law and constitution”.

Chancellor Hanafy Mousa, Deputy-Chairman of the Supreme Administrative Court , stressed that the recent constitutional amendments came to exclude the MB from reaching power. He questioned “who determines legitimacy? And how does the regime differentiate between legality and legislation?”.

Chancellor Mostafa Naseef, of the State Council, emphasized that the Egyptian regime should not violate legal rights under the pretext of working for the public interest. He pointed out that the Emergency Law has been applied for at least 25 years under the pretext of achieving public interests, this in fact  is not true.

 Dr. Amr Elshobaki, an expert in Al-Ahram Centre for Political and Strategic Studies, agreed with the  lawyers that the Egyptian regime should not use  the MB as a “scarecrow” or an “example” to prevent legal and constitutional development in Egypt .

He added “everyone must unite and attempt  to stop these repressive practices against the significant MB group, stressing that dealing with the MB should not be through security, especially since we are in a civil state in which we should insist on the application of law. He added “ both the government and the MB are responsible for ending this current crisis in Egypt and this could be achieved through the use of strategic integrative methods based on respecting the law and Constitution by the government”.