Egypt Security Forces Assault, Detain Dozens Including Children Over Gaza Protests

Egypt Security Forces Assault, Detain Dozens Including Children Over Gaza Protests

Egyptian Central Security Forces assaulted and beat demonstrators who rallied in front of a North Sinai mosque after Friday Prayer and arrested about 30 of them.

In Sharqiya Governorate, the security services detained four children who were taking part in the march the Muslim Brotherhood organized in the governorate. 120 demonstrations were staged on Friday in this governorate, drawing thousands of children and young men who were protesting at the brutal Zionist assaults in Gaza.

The demonstrators at Al Rafie Mosque, Al-Arish, were stunned by a security cordon around the mosque, Ikhwanweb reporter said. When the demonstrators- about five thousand- got out of the mosque, the central security forces assaulted them including women. The clashes that turned violent injured demonstrators and security elements.

During the clashes, nearly 30 demonstrators were arrested, including Ashraf Al Hefni and Ashraf Qowaidar, leaders of the communist Tagammu” Party in Al Arish, plus others. Drawing five thousand participants, the demonstration of Al-Arish was staged after the Popular Committee for Citizen”s Rights called on Al-Arish people to demonstrate and protest against the ongoing Zionist aggression on Gaza Strip.

In the same context, the security services detained top leader Ahmedi Qasem, the Muslim Brotherhood”s candidate for Sinnuris constituency in 2005 People”s Assembly elections, while taking part in the Muslim Brotherhood”s pro-Gaza demonstrations in Al Fayyum.

It is worth noting that Egyptian security have rounded up hundreds Muslim Brotherhood members in demonstrations condemning the blockade imposed on Gaza and also in demonstrations demanding a halt of the heinous massacres committed by the Zionist troops against civilians in the coastal Palestinian strip of Gaza.