Egypt Should Take Measures Over Bin Eliezer’s Docu.

Egyptian parliamentarians demanded their government to filing a lawsuit against Israeli Minister of Infrastructures, Benjamin Ben Eliezer before the International Court of Justice, after an Israeli channel aired a documentary that proved his responsibility for killing 250 Egyptian soldiers after fighting in 1967 war came to a halt.

Parliamentarians and previous diplomats attributed the date of airing the documentary to the Israeli desire for curbing Cairo’s role against Al-Aqsa digs, and to add more confusion to the trial of Egyptian Mohamed Al Atar who is accused of spying for Israel; the Egyptian MPs warn of the consequences of airing the documentary that may include targeting Israeli tourists specially in Sinai.

International Court

MP Ragab Hilal Hemeida of Al-Ghad (Tomorrow) Party demanded the Egyptian Foreign Ministry to take the necessary procedures for filing a lawsuit in front of the International Court for this, specially that the main defendant in the case is still alive and is assuming a top position in the Israeli government.

Hemeida told that Israel wanted to send a clear message to Cairo: Egypt that leads the Arab and Islamic campaign for confronting Al-Aqsa excavations, is itself unable to protect the rights of its martyrs in the war, and attempting also to intimidate the Egyptian authorities to backtrack from Al-Attar trial.

For his part, the independent MP Mostafa Bakri supported the suggestion of the International Court, but he excluded that the Egyptian authorities respond to this demand “Even if the Israeli minister is proved to be involved in the crime”, recalling to minds the incidents in which Israelis killed Egyptian soldiers on borders from time to time” while the government remained motionless”.

An Israeli provocation

Bakri confirmed to that there is no coincidence regarding what the Israeli official media are publishing specially anything related in Egypt, pointing out that ” airing the documentary confirms that Israel insists on humiliating Egyptians and Arabs and directing blows against it, specially with the snowballing public anger due to the Israeli digs and demolishing operations near Al Aqsa Mosque”.

The independent MP called on the Egyptian national powers to hold an urgent conference to declare their anger at and condemnation to the Israeli massacre; he demanded the international community to condemn it and force Israel into paying compensations for the assassinated soldiers.

The Secretary-General of the Muslim Brotherhood parliamentary bloc, Dr. Mohamed Al Beltagi, confirmed to that the international trial is one of the mechanisms for responding to the Israeli crime, confirming that this shouldn’t be the only reaction. “The government can, through its official and economic relations and interests, have a grave effect on Israel through taking measures that directly affect these interests”.

As for Mohamed Basyouni, the chairman of the national security committee in the Shura Council and an ex-ambassador to Israel, he told that the Egyptian Foreign Ministry is studying the content of the documentary, and all related documents and papers to make sure that the crime was committed, reminding that war crimes aren’t diminished by the passage of time or after the end of a specific period of time.

Basyouni did not exclude that Israeli domestic targets are behind airing the documentary like settling scores among Israeli political rivals themselves; “Israel knows that Egypt is interested in reaching a fair solution for the Palestinian cause, what is the reason for this provocation at the time being?” he wondered.

Invading Israel

As for the professor of international law and Egyptian ex-deputy foreign minister, Dr. Abdullah Al Ashal, he warned, in a statement to from the Bahraini capital Manama – the Israeli leadership from the angry popular reactions after airing the documentary, that may target Israelis in Egypt and in any place all over the world, and he considered that “If the Egyptian people escaped government grip, it can invade Israel on foot, this may happen soon”.

Al Ashal suggested forming a UN International Investigation Committee to hold accountable the criminals in this case in similar crimes against thousands of the Egyptian POWs during 1967 war, and he suggested forming a committee of Egyptian intellectuals that increase its activities specially through the Internet to make world well acquainted with the Israeli crimes and campaigning to force Tel Aviv into paying the required compensations for families of the Egyptian martyrs.

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