• May 9, 2013
  • 2 minutes read

Egypt Shura Council to German Delegation: Community Dialogue Central to Law-Making

Egypt Shura Council to German Delegation: Community Dialogue Central to Law-Making

Dr. Ahmed Fahmi, Shura Council (SC) Speaker, said: "The NGO bill currently under discussion in the SC is in a process of broad-based debate involving all stakeholders. Europe’s concerns over the draft law are totally justified.

"The law will be well-balanced and will achieve the greatest societal consensus in a manner that will ensure greater transparency in the work of NGOs in Egypt. We appreciate that NGO’s have always played an important role in Egyptian society, and helped pave the way for the January 25 revolution."

This came during a meeting between the Shura Council Speaker – in his office Tuesday – with a delegation from the German parliament’s Subcommittee for Foreign Cultural and Education Policy, headed by Harald Leibrecht.

Dr. Fahmi further said, "The House of Representatives elections bill currently being reviewed by the Supreme Constitutional Court gives Egyptian women the opportunity to positively participate in the elections".

With regard to the Syrian crises, Fahmi added: "Egypt completely rejects any foreign intervention in Syria, and will seek to prevent any portioning of that country. The solution in Syria must be political, but Assad regime must play no part in that.

"I hope Germany and the European Union will play a greater role to help resolve the Palestinian issue, alleviate the suffering of the Palestinian people, and support them in the face of the Israeli brutality."

Meanwhile, the German delegation affirmed that the German-Egyptian relations is deep and well-established, extending for decades past, and expressed the hope to boost relations in the months ahead and to push for more German investments in Egypt. The delegation pointed that Germany is ready to provide all forms of support to Egypt and exchange expertise in all fields that could contribute to stability and democratic transformation.