Egypt Sinai Women Against the Coup Statement on October 6 War Anniversary

Egypt Sinai Women Against the Coup Statement on October 6 War Anniversary

There is no doubt that the daily atrocities committed in the Sinai today, by Egyptian forces, under the fascist military coup regime, have exceeded all limits. On the anniversary of the victory of the October 6 (1973) war, the Sinai is suffering the worst periods in its long history.

On October 6, 1973, the most patriotic and honorable sons of Egypt gave their blood and souls and sacrificed all for the liberation of the Sinai from the clutches of Zionist occupation. Today, the Sinai suffers unspeakable oppression and extrajudicial killings, massive destruction and systematic displacement.

Rather than remember and celebrate the martyrs who sacrificed their lives for the Sinai, from all the great tribes of the Sinai, we unfortunately remember the new martyrs – the women, children and young people who perished at the hands of the Egyptian army and its demonic and fiercely murderous campaign against the people of Sinai. Meanwhile, the junta-controlled media describe Sinai residents as terrorists and traitors, and demand displacement of all the people of Sinai from their land.

The coup regime forgets that the real problem for the people of the Sinai is the lack of development, poor infrastructure, the permanent state of oppression and intimidation and the lack of freedom for the citizen Sinai. If some young people found themselves prey to extremist ideas, the ruling regime is the primary reason for the problem.

So, as we "celebrate" the anniversary of the great October 1973 victory, we remember how the Sisi army recently displaced the people of Rafah and Sheikh Zowaid and destroyed their homes – nearly 6,000 homes.

In memory of the great October victory, we remember the martyrs of the Sinai tribes – of whom more than 5,000 have been killed.

In memory of the great October victory, we remember our detainees in Egyptian prisons – more than 10,000 Sinai residents detained.

As  we commemorate the October victory anniversary, we remember the daily suffering of the people of Sinai at junta checkpoints, of which many are deployed along all main roads, and their suffering at ferries in Delta and Qanah provinces, with the continued closure of the main bridge.

The suffering continues and the wound bleeds every day, as the ferocity and frequency of the daily campaigns of arrests are escalated against the people of the Sinai, with fabrication of charges and unjust trials for innocent civilians.

The people of the Sinai still sacrifice everything dear and precious. We will continue to resist this oppression and injustice with steadfast commitment to the land of the Sinai.

We will not accept displacement. We will not be dragged into violence.

We will continue our peaceful struggle against this repressive regime and against the military coup that overthrew the democratic will of the people, ousted the elected President Mohamed Morsi, and replaced him with the floundering junta who spread a state of hostility against the people of the Sinai.

The Sinai, which we sacrificed our blood in order to restore from the occupying enemy, today we hand it to the Zionist enemy on a gold plate.

The murder, displacement and destruction currently raging in the Sinai are eagerly blessed by the Zionist leadership, which also changed the name of "Taba" Crossing to "Menachem Begin" Crossing.

One of the unforgivable coup acts is the recent participation of a high-level delegation – the coup regime’s Minister of Foreign Affairs Sameh Shokry – in the funeral of the murderer Shimon Peres.

Sinai is a painful bleeding wound, and an Egypt province which still hopes citizens of Egypt as a whole will continue the January 2011 Revolution against this fascist coup regime. The Revolution will continue. Revolutionary struggle will continue.

All the revolutionaries must take up their responsibilities towards the people of the Sinai, and unite against the oppressive junta in order to complete the true liberation of all parts of our dear homeland.

Long live the Sinai – proud and free! Long live the people of the Sinai – free and secure!

The Revolution Continues! The Struggle Continues!

Down with the military junta regime