Egypt State Security Cancels “Eye on Democracy” Show On Al Horra Satellite Channel

Egypt State Security Cancels “Eye on Democracy” Show On Al Horra Satellite Channel

State security investigations have banned the airing of two episodes of a show on the U.S.-finded Al Horra satellite channel without stating a specific reason, the Arab Network for Human Rights Information (HRInfo) said on Thursday.


Pro-democracy activists who were supposed to be guests of “Eye On Democracy” show received phone calls on Wednesday  informing them that the show has been cancelled, “following security orders” although the channel agreed with them a month ago about the time, and confirmed the place and time of the show Tuesday night, HRInfo said


“Al Horra Channel invited me from Washington three weeks ago to participate in the program which will be shot on August 27,” activist and blogger Nora Younis told HRInfo. “Cairo Video Sat company (where the show is shot) called me on Tuesday to confirm the appointment. But on Wednesday, four hours before airing, the company called to apologize for canceling the show following security orders.”


The program was supposed to discuss “The views of young members of political parties on democracy and change, and the tools of young artists in promoting democracy in Egypt” with the participation of opposition parties and representatives from the ruling National Democratic Party.


“The status quo in Egypt is becoming dangerously despotic as satellite channels are falling under direct control of the security apparatus and the Minister of Information Anas El Feqi, both are enemies of freedom of expression and compete in violating the citizens’ right to enjoy independent media,” HRInfo said.


“We insist on our right to have an independent media without police supervision that serves the citizen, not the government,” HRInfo executive director Gamal Eid told HRInfo.


“Security officials and the Minister of Information move anticlockwise, but independent media and civil society organizations will not allow for turning Egypt into a prison.”