Egypt Students Against the Coup Rejects Junta Parliament Elections

Egypt Students Against the Coup Rejects Junta Parliament Elections

 Egyptian youths have said it. With their words, they write the history of the Egyptian Revolution…

They said it in Tahrir Square: "Freedom, social justice, dignified living". They said it loud and clear. We will not deviate from the demands of the Revolution.

They said it when the military junta and their collaborators ferociously pounced on our Revolution. Then our nation’s youths say the truth, and rose in rage in squares, streets, universities and schools across the homeland, despite barbaric torture, executions and arrests.

They said it when the military junta and their collaborators drew the ‘demolition of Egypt’ road map. Then this homeland’s youths abandoned the junta in all sham elections, and exposed them to the whole world: the junta-tailored constitution, the election of Al-Sisi, and today, the lackeys’ parliament.

This military-controlled parliament will take us back to the 2010 fraudulent elections, where obedient and loyalty henchmen were selected: corrupt cronies, thugs and hypocrites.

This reminds us of the parliament of shame: Mubarak’s parliament which was the last nail in the coffin of his regime. By God, we believe this ‘lackeys parliament’ is nothing but a new nail in the coffin of this brutal coup. It expose all the corrupt politicians around us. It will show us all those who burnt the dreams of our youths for the sake of their own self-interests.

Boycott those came on the back of tanks to illegitimately grab power. Boycott those who came over the dead bodies of innocent youths. Boycott all those who brought-in injustice.

We will boycott all those who brought-in ignorance.

We will boycott the sham parliament elections for our January 2011 Revolution, for the Revolution’s martyrs, prisoners, and the injured.

We will boycott the junta elections for the widows and the orphans, and in order to let the putschists hear our voice.

We call all Egypt youths to expose the junta and its collaborators to the whole world. Look around you – you will find that we are back in time to the pre-January-2011 era of oppression, corruption and despotism.

They trample our rights, freedom, our voices and our loyalty to our homeland Egypt, then they call us to vote. We choose democracy, but the military junta crush it all with heavy tanks. However, we will not rest until we exact retribution, restore our rights, make accountable all those who crushed our Revolution.

God Almighty says: "Stand not by unjust transgressors, so you should not suffer Hellfire" (Quran 11: 113).

God… Revolution… Homeland

Youth Against The Coup

Cairo: Friday – October 16, 2015