Egypt teaches the world the meaning of patriotism

Egypt teaches the world the meaning of patriotism

A recent article in the guardian titled “The big society-Egyptian Style” by Joshua Surtees highlighted the Egyptians’ patriotism praising the people’s determination once they took the reins of social responsibility into their own hands.

The author commended the positive attitude of the Egyptian people, stressing he hoped the British learnt a lesson on how to love one’s homeland and respond to crisis.

According to Surtees the British PM David Cameron struggled to convince the British to support what he described as the ‘great community  initiative’ launched in an attempt to reduce his government’s budget and appoint the  people to care for the community.

The author stated that the Egyptian people applied initiative to their community, following the widespread chaos during the beginning of the revolution, through the formation of neighbourhood watch and committees to protect the neighbourhood from thugs.

Since Mubarak’s ousting a new sense of pride has enveloped the country where youths proudly took to the streets beautifying their streets and removing rubbish.

The people have vowed not to be drawn into lies and intimidations similar to those widespread before the fall of the regime.

Mubarak had spread myths which failed to ring true threatening the people of the popular opposition the Muslim Brotherhood. No longer is there distrust in the community all have united to defend the country their neighbours and the nation.

Egypt once again has risen an Arab country that faces the world, and the future, on its own terms and in its course has taught the world the real meaning of civil pride and patriotism.