Egypt transferred large quantity of arms, ammunition to Abbas’ guards

Hebrew press: Egypt transferred large quantity of arms, ammunition to Abbas’ guards.

The Egyptian authorities have recently transferred a big number of guns and ammunition to PA chief Mahmoud Abbas’ loyalists in the Gaza Strip, according to a Hebrew press report on Thursday.

Daily Ha’aretz said that the arms shipment, which was transferred in coordination with Israel, included 2,000 Kalashnikov rifles, 20,000 magazines and two million bullets.

The paper said that the shipment crossed through the Kerem Shalom terminal south of the Gaza Strip in four trucks that were escorted by Israeli military police.

It noted that it was not the first shipment to reach Abbas loyalists under Israeli sponsorship.

Another Hebrew daily Yedioth Ahronoth had earlier disclosed that similar arms shipments would be shipped from Jordan to the West Bank also for Abbas’ presidential guards.

The paper said that Abbas was planning to increase the number of his presidential guards from 7,000 to 10,000 to counter the Hamas Movement’s power especially in Gaza.

It noted that Israeli intelligence had recommended unfreezing part of the PA customs revenues, seized by Israel after Hamas’ election victory, to be used by Abbas in boosting his security men.

In this regard, the PA premiership expressed reservations over Israeli intervention in the way this money is disbursed, adding that the money should be used for the benefit of the Palestinian people and not to serve the agenda of a certain party.

UPDATE: The Egyptian regime is denying the report…

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