Egypt Under Siege On ‘Day of Rage’

Egypt Under Siege On ‘Day of Rage’

On the morning of April 6, Egypt appeared as if it were under a siege.  In the early morning hours, a large number of security forces surrounded all the important and vital places which activists announced as sites for the demonstrations to take place among the events of the ‘Day of Rage’ which was called for by a number of political trends and parties and the MB.


Beginning with Qasr El-Einy Street, more than five vehicles filled with Central Security soldiers lined down the street facing the Doctors Syndicate headquarters in front of the syndicate’s main gate.  Similarly, several officers of various ranks lined up to prevent anyone from crossing in front of Dar El-Hikma.


The distance between Dar El-Hikma and Tahrir square which is no longer than one kilometer was bordered with police in their official and civil uniforms mostly concentrated at the Parliament and Shura Council areas.


Furthermore, Central Security trucks were packed around the corners of Tahrir square and police were dispersed in and around the square preventing pedestrians from crossing some areas there.


From Tahrir square to the ambulance area where the Lawyers and Press syndicates and Judges Club lie, Central Security armored vehicles spread out along the sides of Ramsis and El-Galaa’ streets as a number of police officers sat on the street curbs facing the Press syndicate.


The greatest concentration of police was that which was in front of the Laborers of Egypt Union building which was surrounded by more than ten

Central Security trucks on the street facing it.


In Dokki, particularly the area surrounding the State Council which is scheduled to hold another session on the issue of gas exportation to Israel today, security forces intensified their siege on the council’s headquarters preventing any pedestrians from stopping at the stairs of the council and many others from even reaching it.  However, by 10 a.m. a few activists were able to gather and hold a small strike there.