Egypt Women Against The Coup Demands Release of Female Detainees from Junta Jails

Egypt Women Against The Coup Demands Release of Female Detainees from Junta Jails

Women Against The Coup movement denounced the continued detention of girls and female students and the most humiliating inhuman treatment of Egyptian women and girls by coup forces, telling all the putschists’ forces and officials who attack or assault Egyptian women to remember that they have wives, daughters and sisters of their own.

The movement gave coup leaders a 48-hour ultimatum to release women and girls and offer an immediate apology; otherwise they will publish details of the criminals involved in the attack on women.

In a statement Monday, the movement said that the heinous criminal attacks on female students and other women and girls, by coup security forces and hired thugs, exceeded all limits, noting that it has launched a campaign to expose every criminal who dared touch an Egyptian woman in any inappropriate way.

The movement renewed calls for women to participate actively in all revolutionary rallies and peaceful protest activities, whatever the sacrifices, whatever the obstacles, and to use their right to legitimate self-defense if coup security personnel commit any crimes of violence against them or attempt to break their will.

The movement hailed the positive move by families of girls and women of Sohag, Assiut, Port-Said and Helwan, giving the Interior Ministry an ultimatum to release arbitrarily-detained women and girls.

The movement called on all the provinces to compile a ‘list of shame’ that names those involved in violence against women. It also urged Egypt’s elites and all those who claim to be loyal and honorable citizens to declare their position towards these repeated heinous crimes, stressing that Egyptian women will continue the Revolution until retribution is exacted and the country’s security apparatuses are cleansed of all cowardly criminal officials.