• March 8, 2016
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Egypt Women Against the Coup Marks Women’s Day Highlighting Suffering Under Repressive Regime

Egypt Women Against the Coup Marks Women’s Day Highlighting Suffering Under Repressive Regime

As people around the globe celebrate the International Women’s Day, Egyptian women live the worst days in their history – since the July 2013 military coup that weighs heavily on the heart of Egypt.

The whole world sees and hears the rapidly worsening situation of women under the mad military coup, at the hands of the putschist gang that has turned Egypt into a big dark dungeon for men, women and even children. The coup militia seized the country’s resources, and refuses to let go, even if it led to the destruction of the entire homeland and the people.

Egyptian women have endured all this with unparalleled steadfastness and resilience that impressed the whole world in a new phase in Egyptian women’s lives – full of sacrifices, suffering and challenges. But the question now is: How long will the world remain silent on the shameful coup crimes against Egyptian women and girls.

At the hands of the coup regime in Egypt, women suffer horrific crimes including extrajudicial killings, arbitrary arrest, violent rape, displacement, severe torture (often leading to permanent disability), sham military trials, unjust death sentences, enforced disappearances, brutal degrading treatment of political prisoners’ wives and daughters while visiting relatives in the military junta’s detention centers. This is just a sample of the junta’s crimes against Egyptian women and girls across the whole country.

On this occasion, the Women Against the Coup movement stresses the urgent need for an international inquiry into the crimes and violations that have exceeded all limits – against Egyptian women and girls – amid the shameful silence of women’s rights organizations, which come out forcefully and fight fiercely for much less mundane women issues in the West.

Women Against the Coup demands the free world put pressure on coup authorities in Egypt to release women and girls in the junta’s jails and stop all violations against Egyptian women.

The movement vows women will continue to demand their rights until Egyptian dignity is restored.

God bless women and their resilience in the streets and squares of Egypt, behind bars, and under the homeland’s soil.

God bless the people of Egypt

The Revolution Will Continue

Thursday – March 3, 2016