Egypt Youth: Revolution in the Square

Egypt Youth: Revolution in the Square

Five years have passed since the first spark that ignited the January 25, 2011 Revolution which is still in Egypt’s streets and liberty squares on its way to ultimate triumph, fighting the counter-revolution in order to build a strong homeland that respects its citizens’ freedoms, welfare and well-being.

A few days ago, peaceful preparatory activities of Egyptian youth groups were launched, to mark the Revolution 2011. Today (Thursday), we announce an escalation in the united efforts of a revolutionary wave entitled "Revolution in the Square". We call on all the Egyptian people, all anti-coup groups, to join us, rise and rally.

We announce that a Central Operations Room (COR) for Egyptian youth groups will be in session, to lead and direct anti-coup movement on the ground, in all streets and squares. We affirm that this wave has specific targets stemming from a good reading of the current situation and ever-changing circumstances, and from an accurate estimate of the 2011 Revolution’s capabilities. The COR will issue continuous and regular revolutionary statements and directives on the latest developments, and will interact with the situation as it changes.

Egyptian Youth Groups

Cairo: Thursday – January 21, 2016