• April 18, 2016
  • 5 minutes read

Egypt Youth Against the Coup to Steadfast Political Prisoners: Your Freedom Our Goal

Egypt Youth Against the Coup to Steadfast Political Prisoners: Your Freedom Our Goal

Patriotic Egyptians are still paying – and will continue to pay – the price for this country’s freedom, endeavoring to restore its dignity no matter what atrocities the military junta commit against the Revolution and revolutionaries. We will readily sacrifice our blood and our lives for every inch of our beloved country.

The honorable patriots in prison are still steadfast despite the extreme conditions and violations they suffer behind bars. Our message to them today – on the Prisoners’ Day is: We have never forgotten you, and will never do. Our goal is your freedom. We will not rest until we secure your release from the military gang’s jails. You are crowns of pride on the heads of patriotic Egyptians. From you, we learn all about steadfastness, about sacrifice.

To the ‘disappeared’, abducted by junta forces, we say: You are the symbol of bravery and perseverance. Soon, we will set you free, and we all will enjoy a safe life in our beloved homeland, Egypt, with freedom, justice and dignity.

We further send this message to our dear fellow Egyptians: The martyrs, detainees and the ‘disappeared’ have made tremendous sacrifices for our freedom, our dignity. With their steadfast persistence, they have written glorious pages of history, for the just cause, the freedom of the homeland. Come, join the ranks of Egyptian youth, and save the homeland. Let us join hands and liberate our dear Egypt, our loved ones, and our fellow Egyptians, from those criminal traitors’ grip.

To our fellow revolutionaries and all Egyptian youth, we say: Put aside your differences, and close ranks. Today, there is in every household a martyr, a detainee, a missing loved one or a hounded brother. Remember them. Let our message to more than 40,000 prisoners and 2,000 forcibly disappeared Egyptians and more than 50 women and girls in the traitorous coup regime’s prisons: your freedom is our goal.

We appeal to international human rights bodies to prosecute the coup commanders for their crimes against the people and youth of Egypt.

We see victory so near. There is no better issue to unite and rally around than the detainees’ freedom. Last Friday was a simple example of what we can do.

To members of our movement – tireless and steadfast in liberty squares across the homeland, we say: Get ready for April 25. Make it a memorable day for our blessed Revolution – a new chapter of perseverance and the peaceful struggle for a homeland worth sacrificing for, and the liberation of heroes who also have sacrificed for this country.

God save our country and our youth from traitorous, enemy plots

Youth Against the Coup

Cairo: Sunday – 17 April 2016