Egyptain Judge accuses Egyptian authorities of fraud in Damanhour

An Egyptian Attorney judge accused authorities of vote-rigging in the ongoing general elections in Danamhour District.

Judge Dr. Noha al-Zeini, vice-president of the Administrative Supervision Board, said in a letter published on Thursday in the daily Al-Masri al-Yom newspaper, that she has witnessed the falsification of the results of the votes in the electoral constituency of Damanhour, where the government announced the victory of its candidate Mustafa El-Faqi.

She said the results, which were in favour of the candidate of the banned Muslim Brotherhood, Jamal Hishmat, were falsified in favour of El-Faqi, head of the committee of Arab affairs in the outgoing parliament.

“All indications from the various subcommittees were showing that Jamal Hishmat, the Muslim Brotherhood candidate won 25,000 votes compared to 7,000 votes for his rival, El-Faqi, the NDP candidate” Dr. Al-Zeini said.

She added that she had noticed a State Security’s officer inside the electoral count commission. Repeatedly, she had heard many of counting officials taking about ’Hishmat’s sweepingly victory’ and ’If el-Feqy falls, it will be a disaster’ some one had said, she continued.
Dr. Al-Zeini said she was ready to testify in court and called on Egypt’s judges to boycott the remaining rounds of the elections.

On Wednesday, the Club of Egypt Judges, which is equivalent to the judges’ syndicate, called for army to ensure a smooth electoral process, accusing police of being incapable of protecting candidates and voters.

A statement by the Club said several judges were harassed and intimidated during the second phase of the elections.