Egyptian activists prepare to break the Gaza siege on Monday

Egyptian activists prepare to break the Gaza siege on Monday



     Egyptian lawmaker and human rights activist MP Hamdi Hassan has revealed Sunday that a caravan of hundreds of Egyptian cars and buses will set off for the Gaza Strip on Monday in an attempt to break the repressive Israeli siege on it.


He explained that the Egyptian committee for ending the Gaza siege would hold a press conference in front of the headquarters of the Egyptian journalists syndicate before the caravan bound to the Gaza Strip sets off, stressing that the caravan will be mobilized regardless of the hindrances that might arise.


“We must deliver our voice to the entire world in support for our besieged brothers and families [in the Gaza Strip], stressed Hassan.


He added, “There is a sharp shortage in medicine and foodstuff in Gaza… even the justice minister in the Hamas-led PA government [Dr. Ahmad Shwedeh] had died for lack of medicine and proper medical treatment”.


For his part, Dr. Abdul Fattah Rezeq of the Egyptian doctors” syndicate warned of “unprecedented escalation” if the Egyptian “regime” attempted to block the caravan for the second time. He urged the Egyptian authorities to facilitate the mission of the caravan.


“We are doing what the [Egyptian] regime wants and calls for and that is: not to starve the Palestinian people”, he said in reference to President Mubarak comments when Palestinians breached the border fence where Mubarak said Egypt will not allow Palestinians to starve.


He also disclosed that Egyptian masses have heeded their call to support the besieged Palestinian people in Gaza that, he said, explains the huge number of participants in the caravan.


Moreover, Rezeq confirmed that foreign legislators from Turkey and Malaysia in addition to international peace activists from different countries were also participating in the caravan, revealing that contacts were underway with Nobel Peace prize winners to partake in the caravan.


Less than a month ago, the committee organized a caravan to break the Gaza siege, but the Egyptian authorities blocked their way and stopped them at the Ismaeleyya city, prompting the committee to file a lawsuit against the government.