Egyptian Activities Demand Opening Rafah Crossing and Praise Resistance

Egyptian Activities Demand Opening Rafah Crossing and Praise Resistance

Despite the stoppage of the war on Gaza Strip, the events of pro-resistance and celebrating the victory achieved on the ground of Gaza against Zionist occupying forces which carried out 23 consecutive day of aggression during which it killed, wounded thousands of people and destroyed a remarkably large numbers of houses, schools and mosques.


In Mansoura University, faculty members have issued a statement on the events of Gaza in the context of continuous celebrations of the victory of the resistance in which they described aggression on Gaza as a redrawal of the political map of the Arab world and of Egypt in particular.


It highlighted the confusion of the Egyptian leadership in dealing with the Zionist entity during the aggression and condemned the government”s insistence on closing Rafah crossing and opening it for limited cases, which is a flagrant violation of international laws protecting civilians during war by allowing them to cross the border to neighbor countries escaping the bombardments which, according to the statement, led to the increase in the number of  victims, in addition to obstructing a large number of doctors and medical and relief conveys from passing to Gaza and insisting on dealing with Mahmoud Abbas as a representative of the Palestinian people and the deliberate neglect of the leaders of the resistance as a legitimate representative of the people.


On the other hand, the faculty teaching members have condemned, in the statement, what they called “the repeated violations of the Egyptian sovereignty” by the Zionist enemy by striking at the Egyptian-Palestinian Rafah which led to the death of a large number of civilians and house cracks in the Egyptian side.


They also condemned signing the security agreement between Israel and the US to control the prevention of the access of weapons to Gaza.


The statement requested faculty members to carry on their activities in order to thwart the attempts to break the resistance. They also demanded the Egyptian government to model after Venezuela, Bolivia and Mauritania by cutting diplomatic ties and stopping the exportation of gas to Israel.


Its worth mentioning that faculty teaching members continue for the third consecutive week to organize a protest in front of the faculty teaching club  in Mansoura University in solidarity with Gaza, including celebrating the victory this time.


In Albehera province and under the title of  “Gaza won”, Zakaria Algananini (member of the MB parliamentary bloc) has organized a conference at the premises in Kafr Eldawar, celebrating the victory of the Palestinian resistance in Gaza Strip.


Dr. Mohammed Gamal Heshmat ( Chairman of the Committee of Palestine in the Union of Arab Doctors) who assured that balances of winning or losing in wars or politics have changed with the steadfastness of the resistance which proved that faith, determination and proper planning can make a historical glory, noting that despite the massive military machines of Zionism, the  human losses of the resistance were limited and that their military operations caused confusion to the enemy and caused it to quickly pull out from Gaza fearing the resistance threats that its presence inside the Strip  would turn it into stable targets for the resistance. 


The conference was attended by many people from Kafr Eldawar province, led by  Ali Soliman, the MB leader