Egyptian and US scholars unite to bridge religious gap

Egyptian and US scholars unite to bridge religious gap

A group of young American religious scholars and teaching assistants from Egypt ‘s oldest and renowned Azhar University engaged in a two week interactive project in an effort to bridge the gap between the Muslim world and the US .

The group got together combining individuals from  the oldest and most influential Islamic institutions in the world at Georgetown to study  the legal infrastructure  of American democracy and the religious diversity in the US  convening with political dignitaries, including White House advisor Valerie Jarrett and Republican  Keith Ellison who is also  the first Muslim American elected to Congress.

Members of the Jewish, Buddhist and Christian faiths were also among the Americans present.

In one stance the good will intentions were demonstrated when The Americans joined the Egyptians in prayer, deepening the friendships.

Washington lawyer Margaret Cone responsible for the World Leadership Program in 2004, stressed she hoped to combat the perception among the world’s Muslims that Christianity dictates American foreign policy.

Under the Newly appointed Azhar University president Ahmed Tayeb efforts have been made to adapt its tactics in light of changing times hence the initiating of the programme to demonstrate the real Islam which promotes tolerance, good will peace and equality to all as the true ideology of Islam as taught and endorsed by prophet Mohamed (PBUH) more than 14 centuries ago.