Egyptian Authorities Burn the Aid of Human Relief Committee

Egyptian Authorities Burn the Aid of Human Relief Committee

This morning Egyptian authorities burnt food substances of the Human Relief Committee in Al-Arish and Rafah, the substances which was supposed to reach to the people of Gaza months ago but Egyptian authorities kept it under guarding because it contained some rations donated by ordinary Egyptians to their brothers in Gaza.

 Although the small amount of food supply was not more than 20Kg out of 200,000 tons of food supplies, the government used it as an excuse to prevent the flow of aid to the people of Gaza.


Egyptian authorities argued that some of the food has expired, the thing which made them take the decision to burn this huge amounts of relief food substances.


Dr. Ibrahim Al-Zafarani (Secretary-General of the Relief Committee in Medical Doctors Union), in an exclusive statement to Ikhwanweb has stated that the decision made by the Egyptian authorities to burn the food substances after being expired is a horrible crime, adding that since the decision to close the border was issued on 5th of February after the end of the Israeli aggression on Gaza and Egypt is playing a role to the extent of collusion.


Al-Zafarani stressed that Egyptian authorities and agencies deliberately worked on spoiling the food substances through forcing the Relief Committee and donors to keep it in an inappropriate stores without sending it to Gaza, pointing out that these substances could have been sold before being spoiled, under the supervision of the government, relief committees of the Arab Doctors Union or the Medical Association and to evaluate its value for Palestinian people through the Red Crescent Society or Masr El-Mahrousa Society.


He added “this Committee cannot legally bring to justice those involved in this crime but it will submit complaints to international human rights commissions in order to use its legal authorities to compensate the people of Gaza for what happened and to hold accountable those responsible for the burn and destruction of food substances”.