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  • September 4, 2007
  • 2 minutes read

Egyptian Authorities Deny Ammar Qurabi Access to MB 10th Military Session

Egyptian Authorities Deny Ammar Qurabi Access to MB 10th Military Session

At the beginning of Tuesday’s 10th session of the Military Tribunal trying 40 Muslim Brotherhood (MB) leaders, topped by engineer Khairat Al-Shater the second deputy chairman, the security services prevented Dr. Ammar Qurabi from attending the court to monitor it.

Dr. Ammar, a member of the Arab Organization for Human Rights and envoy of the UN High Commission for Human Rights, was from attending the fifth, sixth and ninth sessions of the military tribunal. Dr. Ammar was denied access to the court this time under the pretext that huis request must be ratified by the military intelligence.

Dr. Ammar Qurabi was stunned and said:” I expected to be prevent, but at the same time, this disabling demand isn”t expected every time . “In a previous time, they demanded me have an approval to monitor the session from the Armed Forces. Today, they asked for an approval from the military intelligence.

This means that Egyptian authorities say that these trials will be held in an open court, but this is unfortunately the sixth time in which a delegate from the Arab Committee for Human Rights is denied access to the court”, said Qurabi. However, added Qurabi, the committee will maintain its attempt till the end, insisting on attending the sessions to prove that this military court lacks the minimum required standards of a fair trial.

The security forces have prevented in all previous trial sessions all international observers delegated by human rights societies all over the world from attending the court, including the former US Attorney General, Ramsey Clark and many other international human rights activists. This- undoubtedly- means that there is no justice or transparency in these courts which reject supervision, said human rights activists.