Egyptian Authorities Prevents Delegations of Teaching Faculty Members from Entering Gaza

Egyptian Authorities Prevents Delegations of Teaching Faculty Members from Entering Gaza

For the second consecutive day, the Egyptian authorities had prevented 18 university professors at Rafah Crossing Border from entering to Gaza Strip. Most of them were professors at Faculty of Engineering, Faculty of Agriculture and Science.

Dr. Adel Abdel Gawad ( Member of the Teaching Faculty at Cairo University and Member of “Alwafd” party) stated in a statement to Ikhwanonline that Egyptian authorities prevented the delegation of university professors from entering Gaza Strip despite having all required papers ready and giving a list of their names to the National Security two days ago. Pointing out that the aim of the visit is to change the reality and to develop a plan to start reconstructions and to deal with environmental effects of the use of weapons by the Zionist aggression on Gaza, which polluted the environment.

Abdel Gawad said ” Despite the entry of some foreign as well as Arab delegations to the Strip, the Egyptian delegations and the media delegations in particular face significant restrictions by the Egyptian government regarding the entry to the Strip”.

Last Friday, the Club of the Teaching Faculty Members had announced the formation of a delegation of university professors of the disciplines of engineering, agriculture, nuclear energy, drainage and infrastructure to visit the Strip in order to find out about the latest developments and the assistance needed for the strip and to find solutions to the environmental and agricultural problems caused by the last Zionist aggression on Gaza.

Abdel Gawad called on all specialists and civil society organizations to participate in the committee formed by the Club to provide assistance to the Palestinians and civil society organizations of different sectors as well as the National Commission for the reconstruction of Gaza – its Secretary General is Mr. Hasabu Allah Alkafrawy- which will observe the rehabilitation process of the Strip under the observance of the Arab League.