Egyptian authorities promise to allow British lifeline convoy into Gaza

Egyptian authorities promise to allow British lifeline convoy into Gaza

Egyptian officials have promised that they would allow medical relief aid of the British lifeline for Gaza convoy to cross the Rafah border crossing into the Gaza Strip but non-medical goods such as food would have to pass through Israel”s crossings with the Palestinian enclave.

News reports also said that the Egyptian authorities agreed to allow the convoy with all its members to cross the Rafah crossing, except heavy equipment such as generators and fire trucks which would cross through the Egyptian-Israeli controlled Awja crossing.

In an exclusive statement to the PIC, Palestinian minister of social affairs Ahmed Al-Kurd affirmed that the Egyptian authorities promised to allow the lifeline convoy which is still in the Arish city into Gaza through the Rafah crossing.

Kurd noted that four people from the convoy had been beaten and assaulted by unknown persons, adding that the convoy asked the Egyptian authorities to provide it with protection.

The minster told the PIC reporter that the Egyptian authorities earlier allowed in 20 members of the Libyan convoy of “long live Gaza”, adding that nine trucks loaded with medicines and two ambulances were able to cross into Gaza.

The government committee to break the siege reported that the first batch of the Libyan convoy arrived Sunday in Gaza with tree trucks of medicines, while the rest of the convoy is due to arrive the second day, calling on the Egyptian authorities to allow in humanitarian aid through the Rafah crossing and not through the Israeli-controlled Karam Abu Salem crossing.