• MB News
  • June 27, 2008
  • 1 minute read

Egyptian Bloggers Condemn “Egyptian Stances” Campaign

Egyptian Bloggers Condemn “Egyptian Stances” Campaign


“Bloggers against NDP” condemned the government- led campaign of “Egyptian Stances” that called for a serious stance for birth control on order to solve the problems of unemployment, over population, and insufficient medical services.

In their statement, bloggers see this campaign that calls upon the people to suppress their constitutional and legitimate rights (jobs, house, and treatment) for illogical reason, while the country is being plundered by the corrupt and unfair people; therefore a parallel campaign against corruption and oppression should be launched.

The statement indicated that the regime insists on unreasonable policies that are against the status quo and the people as well.

The statement called upon the bloggers and internet activists to persist in their electronic struggle to disclose the violations of the regime and strengthen the hope of the people for a better future.