• November 14, 2011
  • 5 minutes read

Egyptian Citizens’ Pledge for Free Elections

Egyptian Citizens’ Pledge for Free Elections

I pledge before God, the nation and the people, as an Egyptian citizen who took part in the historical revolution witnessed worldwide against the injustice and oppression, that the coming elections are a continuation of the revolution. I believe that the future of my country is in the handing over of power to a civil and freely elected authority. I proclaim that we, the Egyptian people, are no less than the Tunisians who lit the flame and paved the way for the revolution and in turn the democratic electoral experience. 

With this faith, I pledge as a voter:

1: To cast my vote regardless of the circumstances, leaving no chances for any entity to circumvent my will, ban me from taking to the polls or rig my vote.

2: I will protect the ballot boxes and will not allow rigging or any acts of bullying, bribery or thuggery at the polls. I will protect and defend the electoral committees just as I protected my house and street during neighborhood watch.

3: I will never under any circumstances vote for any candidate who represented the former regime, which ruined  the political life in Egypt and destroyed its future during the last thirty years. I will call on others to join me in isolating these candidates and ban them from reaching parliament.

4: I will vote for those who have succeeded in convincing me with their political agenda and who fit the patriotic criteria necessary to serve the country. I will not intimidate any competing candidates.

5: I will proudly represent Egypt on Election Day, and be a model example of a civil and organized system astonishing the world just as we had done during the revolution.

6: I will accept the election’s results regardless of its outcome, and will not tolerate intervention either domestic or foreign 

As a candidate:-

1: I acknowledge that elections are fair competition where each party and candidate presents its platform with Egypt’s interests in mind. I will not be dragged into any electoral battles except with members of the former regime who may wish to thwart the electoral process.

2: I will not disfigure public or private properties with my banners and will be a cultured and civilized example during my campaigning.

3: I will not spread rumors, bribe or bully people into voting for me during my campaigns.

4: I will accept the outcome of the elections so long as other candidates win fairly and legitimately. 

As a party:

1: We will accept the election’s results and will fully cooperate with the winning party with the nation’s best interests in mind so long as it won legitimately.

2: We believe that the period of monopolizing authority is long gone and recognize that regardless of the victory we will not marginalize any loyal party and will cooperate with it to serve the country. We will not impose our vision when drafting the constitution since it must be reflective of the whole of society regardless of winning or losing in the elections.

3: We will not be an obstruction to the newly elected government if we lose and will serve the country. We will perform our role with integrity and will cooperate with all other national forces.

4: We will represent Egypt on Election Day and will only act civilly and in good manners as we did during the revolution.

This pledge is only for the honest, and remnants of the former ruling outlawed  National Democratic Party are not welcome to take the pledge.