Egyptian Cops Detain 1,610 Muslim Brotherhood Members

Egyptian Cops Detain 1,610 Muslim Brotherhood Members

It looks as if Mubarak isn’t going to be saguine about
the Ikhwan’s electoral gains.

Egyptian police have detained 1,610
members of the Muslim Brotherhood in the two days
before the last stage of voting in parliamentary
elections, a Brotherhood spokesman said on Wednesday.

Most of the detentions were in provinces which will
vote on Thursday, said Brotherhood spokesman Mohamed Osama.

A statement on the arrest of 71 leaders in Dakahlia
province said the aim was to thwart the BrotherhoodÕs
election campaign.

[NOTE: Reuters did not have any quotes from the police
or any officials. – typical for Reuters (saudi controlled)]

It should be noted The Muslim Brotherhood is banned in Egypt
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The Muslim Brotherhood aka Jamiat al-Ikhwan al-Muslimun

The Muslim Brotherhood was founded in 1928 by a
schoolteacher, with the goal of celebrating traditional
Islamic family values. The Brotherhood is ostensibly
like any other semi-political fraternal club: the Elks,
the Moose, the Lions, the Rotary, the Masons. Except a
lot more like the Masons than the Elks. And maybe a
little more like al-Qa’eda than the Masons. [the
Brotherhood is the parent of al-Qa’eda, Hamas, Hizb
ut-Tahrir, Islamic Jihad, Jama’a Islamaya and several
other semi-underground islamist factions]

The Muslim Brotherhood first formed in Egypt, where it
has been mostly banned since its creation. The ban may
have something to do with the fact that the Brotherhood
has been tied to at least half a dozen attempts to
assassinate whoever happened to be president of Egypt
at the time.

Hassan al-Banna, the teacher who founded the group, was
a Wahabbi Sunni Muslim. Wahabbism is an extremely
strict form of Islam, not dissimilar to the brand
pushed by the Taliban.

In its early years, the Brotherhood focused on
religious preaching, education and social programs. It
was banned, then legalized again after the formation of
Israel in 1948. Dissatisfied with Egyptian efforts
against the “Zionist threat,” the Brotherhood
assassinated the prime minister of Egypt in late 1948,
leading to the retributory killing of al-Banna in early

After being banned again 1954 (due to an attempt to
assassinate Egyptian President Gamal Abdal Nasser), the
membership was dispersed into surrounding nations,
including Jordan, Lebanon and Syria. As it spread
throughout the Middle East, the Brotherhood became
increasingly associated with acts of violence,
assassination and terrorism.

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Islam is an invention for the purpose of
providing a religious justification for
Arab imperialism.  The Conquest is the
reason and explanation for Islam, not
the other way around.
*Islamic historian Mohammed Ibn al-Rawandi