• April 2, 2008

Egyptian Crisis Serves US Interests

Egyptian Crisis Serves US Interests

Muslim Brotherhood member Esam Oryan told Alalam Wednesday that no body is capable of tackling the crisis gripping Egypt.

Oryan said government has ignited the turmoil by acting on the US and Zionists” wishes, defying public interests and violently dealing with the reformist groups.

He said Egypt is now in the stage of explosion and that”s not because of inflation but poor conduct of the Egyptian statesmen in closing all doors of hopes to the citizens.

“Government has stopped development projects, pushed up unemployment rate, giving substandard services to the public due to being overwhelmed in corruption. It aims domination of the ruling nationalist party on the local institutions and local popular councils,” he said.

He then touched on government opposition to Muslim Brotherhood”s running local elections and said, “Government has no right to prevent any citizen from participation in the local popular councils. Thus far 6,000 judicial verdicts have been issued in connection with candidacy of Muslim Brotherhood in the upcoming elections.”

He noted,” The Egyptian government, however has violated all the judicial rulings in that concern. Hence, Egyptian nationals held demonstrations in dozens of provinces in protest to violation of the judicial verdicts and announcement of the ruling party as victorious in the elections. Such measures of government means continued corruption and improper conditions such as inflation and poor services. Moreover it wants to disappoint Egyptian people with reforms in the country.”

Thousands of group”s members had rallied in a number of provinces to protest against government efforts to block them from running in April 8 local elections.

In the past few weeks, Egyptian courts have issued hundreds of rulings obliging the government to accept the candidacy of members of the Brotherhood, but the Brotherhood say authorities have ignored these rulings