Egyptian Delegation: Life of the people of Gaza intolerable

Egyptian Delegation: Life of the people of Gaza intolerable

Members of a visiting Egyptian solidarity delegation said in Gaza on Saturday that the situation in the besieged Gaza Strip is “very difficult”, stating, “It’s an unbearable life, and we have come to assure you that we are with you in heart and mind”.

The delegates, who were on their third day in Gaza, called for expediting a Palestinian reconciliation “so as not to continue the isolation of Gaza residents.”

The delegation’s remarks were made after its visit on Saturday to some areas that were destroyed during the recent Israeli war on Gaza, and to some of the Egyptian monuments in the Strip, such as the memorial of the Unknown Soldier in Khan Younis.

In turn, Wafd Party representative and head of the Egyptian delegation, Mohammed al-Shurdi, said that he came to Gaza carrying humanitarian aid and to visit some Egyptian historical monuments in occupied Palestine, which link the two peoples as one people, including the memorial of the Unknown Soldier in Khan Younis in the southern Gaza Strip.

For his part, Palestinian Legislative Council member, Dr. Younis Astal, said in his welcoming of the delegation, “We received a delegation from Indonesia the day before yesterday and before it delegations from Kuwait and Bahrain, all of these delegations are coming [to show] solidarity and sympathy and to declare their desire to break the siege on the Gaza Strip.”

In another instance, sources from the Jordanian Lifeline Committee said that the Egyptian authorities arrested two members of the committee, who were in the task of coordinating a new aid convoy scheduled to be launched into the Gaza Strip within the next two weeks.

Lifeline committee member, Mahmoud Sadaqa, said, “The Committee lost contact with Lifeline chairman of public and foreign relations committee, Bashir Zameeli, and Lifeline member Anas Neroukh after arriving at Cairo airport early Sunday morning.”

Sadaqa added that military security arrested Zameeli and Neroukh for involvement in the Lifeline Convoy 3, led by former British MP George Galloway.

For his part, Lifeline campaign coordinator, Fathi Abu Nassar confirmed that Neroukh and Zameeli were arrested after leaving from Aqaba to Egypt. Jordanian trade unions are holding an emergency meeting to discuss this issue, he said.