Egyptian Doctors Protest Referring 22 Union Members To Military Trials

Dozens of Egyptian doctors staged a silent demonstration protesting at detaining 22 fellow doctors over politically motivated charges.
Dozens of Egyptian doctors demanded releasing 22 fellow doctors who were detained over politically motivated charges, including the charge of belonging to the Muslim Brotherhood group, demanding president Mubarak to intervene and refer them to a civilian judge.
They demanded, in the vigil staged in front of the House of Wisdom Kasr Alainy street, amid a security blockade, that the detained doctors must be released to return to their natural places to serve the country in clinics and hospitals instead of throwing them in prison over groundless charges.
The demonstrators, led by Dr. Hamdi Al Sayed, the chairman of the Doctors’ Union, raised placards condemning transferring doctors and university professors to military tribunals, rejecting applying the state of emergency with preachers for freedom; they also raised other English-written placards to attract the attention of the international public opinion to the issue of arresting doctors, reading “Please, released detained fellow doctors”, and other placard reads ” Stop referring civilians in front of military courts ” .
For his part, Dr. Gamal Heshmat, previous Muslim Brotherhood parliamentarian, told Ikhwanweb that ” the Egyptian dictatorial regime is leading Egypt towards a full collapse; this autocratic regime has detained the Egyptian elite including doctors, scientists, engineers and businessmen .
Heshmat added that the Egyptian regime has become an enemy to success and development in Egypt because all detainees are successful figures in their fields and he successes in their work field .
Heshmat pointed out that the number of detained doctors is up 22 doctors, including a big number of university professors, to prove that the current Egyptian regime is an enemy to success and is moving the country from bad to worse.

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