Egyptian Dr. Halafawy among 500 of the world’s most influential Muslims.

In an exclusive interview nominee for 500 of the world’s most influential Muslims Egyptian Dr. Jehan Halafawy stresses the importance of women’s role in the political and Islamic arena.


Halafawy asserted that the Muslim women’s role has been under the keen eye of the world, where it is believed that the women in Islam are not only marginalized, but oppressed. The first female Muslim Brotherhood candidate for the Egyptian people’s assembly elections in 2000, she said that her nomination for this prestigious title has resulted in much attention being paid worldwide to the women in Islamist movement’s and in particular the Muslim Brotherhood movement. Despite the arrest of her husband Dr. Ibrahim Alzaaferan along with other members of the group during the elections, Halafawy was adamant not to be deterred of her cause.   


Concluding her interview Halafawy called on all women to educate and culture themselves since women can and do have an effective role. She revealed that the Muslim Brotherhood has many women members who may successfully assume any political role given to her should the need arise claiming that with suitable supervision and appropriate grooming women will be effective especially in these current times.