Egyptian House OKs Lifting Immunity of 2 Brotherhood MPs

Egyptian House OKs Lifting Immunity of 2 Brotherhood MPs
Egyptian People’s Assembly approved the legislative committee’s of lifting immunity of Muslim Brotherhood MPs Sabri Amer and Ragab Abu Zeid .
In his first reaction to this decision, Hussein Mohamed Ibrahim, deputy secretary general of the Muslim Brotherhood (MB) parlimantary bloc, accused the committee of legislative and constitutional affairs in the People’s Assembly of exercising a double standard policy in its treatment with MPs because there are many serious cases that didn’t trigger lifting immunity; he added in a statement  to Ikhwanweb that this committee, mostly of National Democratic MPs, allowed MPs in serious cases to give their testimony without lifting their immunity; he cited as example s the scandal of polluted blood bags, and the case of double nationality whose defendant was charged of forgery, and other cases.
“We, the MB parliamentary bloc, won’t be derailed by lifting immunity; if this message is sent to us, it is actually a wrong message”, said Ibrahim, adding that “we will remain till the last moment faithful to the oath on which we were sworn in to protect people’s interests, and we will not abandon our constitutional duties of doing our supervisory role that disturbed and unmasked corrupters.
Ibrahim confirmed also that this violation isn’t confined to its MPs, but it is a violation to the legislative authority and a hideous aggression from the executive authority on it.
He called on civil society organizations, human rights organizations and all freemen in Egypt to declare their rejection to the double standard policy, and the ruling NDP’s shameful policy of settling scores with the political opposition.
For his part, Dr. Hamdi Hassan, the media spokesman of the MB parliamentary bloc, said:” We definitely reject this authoritarian method adopted by the National Party MPs of lifting immunity of the two MB parliamentarians; today’s session was a landmark one in the People’s Assembly history because we were backed by 19 more MPs, the most prominent of them was ex- minister Ahmed Al Laithi rejecting the motion of lifting the immunity.
Asked about the measures that the bloc may take towards this, Hassan said:” this is a political conspiracy woven by the regime; the Muslim Brotherhood parliamentarians will not ignore it”; he added that the Brotherhood parliamentarians are members in international parliamentary unions and members in many other unions and they will take appropriate actions to stop the unjust exercises of the executive authority and the ruling oppressive regime.
Hassan added in a statement to Ikhwanweb that the fake democracy of the National Party will be dropped and the real intentions of this oppressive party will be unmasked.
Asked whether lifting the immunity of MPs Sabri Amer and Ragab Abu Zeid is a reloading of 2000 scenario of lifting the immunity of Dr. Gamal Heshmat and Azab Mostafa, Hassan said:” the situation is totally different; conditions in 2000 are so much different from nowadays.

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