Egyptian Journalists Protest, Demanding Release of Ezzuddin

Egyptian journalists staged a vigil protesting at the unjust detention of their fellow journalist Ahmed Ezzuddin who was referred to a military court.

Egyptian journalists staged a vigil in front of the Press syndicate on Wednesday to demand immediately releasing fellow journalist Ahmed Ezzuddin who was referred to a military court along with Muslim Brotherhood (MB) leaders.
The journalists confirmed in their demonstration that Ezzuddin, a previous editor-in-chief of Al-Shaab (People) opposition newspaper, is shielded by only his pen, and that the Egyptian regime has crossed, in its suppression of freedoms, all limits. The journalists questioned also the reason for arresting him, let alone referring him to a military tribunal.

Mohamed Abdul Qoddous, the secretary general of the freedoms committee in the Press Syndicate, condemned holding Ezzuddin, confirming that Egypt will not see any progress as long as the authoritarian regime maintains such injustice, including corruption, tyranny and transferring civilians to military justice instead of standing trial in front of a civilian judge.

Abdul Qoddous told Ikhwanweb that Egypt is currently witnessing a real dilemma due to the political and economic collapse and ongoing policies of suppression and detentions under the current Egyptian autocratic regime.

The journalists raised placards demanding the release of the fellow journalist Ahmed Ezzuddin; the demonstration witnessed a considerable media presence in addition to an intensive security presence.

It is worth mentioning that journalist Ahmed Ezzuddin developed a slipped disc after he was thrown behind bars since Dec. 14, 2006.
This is the second demonstration that Egyptian journalists organize to demand releasing Ahmed Ezzuddin.
Ezzuddin lived for seven years in Kuwait, where he worked for the weekly Al-Mujtamaa. He returned to Egypt and became the managing editor of Al-Shaab, which has been published solely on the Internet since 2000 (at

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