Egyptian Lawmakers Warn against Israeli Plans to Build Fence on Borders

Egyptian Lawmakers Warn against Israeli Plans to Build Fence on Borders

A huge number of majority and opposition members of Egyptian People”s Assembly, lower chamber of parliament, submitted a number of written questions, urgent statements and interpellations to Dr. Ahmed Nazif, Egypt “s Prime Minister, in which they voiced their rejection to Israeli plans for building a security fence along the borders with Egypt by 2010.

A number of members of parliament including Mostafa Bakri, Ragab Hilal Hemaida and Dr. Gamal Zahran, warned against this news serious Israeli scheme. They called for necessarily moving, through the Security Council or the United States to stop this scheme.

The MPs called also for obliging Israel to stop its provoking statements and attempts to encroach on Egyptian territories in order to establish an Israeli state at the expense of relocating Gaza residents and empting the strip of its residents.

The Egyptian MPs said in their urgent statements that the Egyptian people refuse that such a fence be established, confirming that these Israeli arrangements reflect a Zionist and a racist view. They also saw these arrangements as schemes to turn the international community”s attention away from key and important issues.

It is worth mentioning that the UN General Assembly has endorsed a draft resolution condemning Zionism and considering it as a form of racism. The International Court of Justice saw as invalid the Israeli plans for building a fence.

This comes as Israeli is still continuing its massacres which amount to genocides against the Palestinian people through systematic policies of starvation and use of force. Israeli is also maintaining its massacres in the Gaza Strip through decreasing power supplies during the coming few days.

The Egyptian MPs issue these  statements after Israeli lawmakers spoke about plans for building a fence on borders between the Palestinian territories ands Israel . Add to this statements of the governor of Demona in the wake of last week martyrdom operation, in which he said that a security fence will definitely have been built by 2010.

The Egyptian MPs saw this planned security fence as a violation to the Palestinian people”s right to live in Gaza and a contravention to all international covenants and treaties.