Egyptian MP: Torture Is Systematic Under Current Regime

A Muslim Brotherhood MP confirmed that the torture exercised inside police stations is similar to what the Israelis did against the Egyptian POWs.
Hussein Mohamed Ibrahim., the undersecretary-general of the Muslim Brotherhood’s parliamentary bloc, said that the torture in police stations resembles what the Israelis were doing against Egyptian prisoners of war during the 1967 war !
 The MB parliamentarian added, while the Human Rights Committee was discussing in its Sunday meeting the report of the National Council For Human Rights 2006/2007, that this report proves that torture is a systematic method; Ibrahim read paragraphs from the report showing that a group of citizens were killed pot of torture inside police stations, including citizen Mohamed Khairi Ata- Abu Zabal police station, and citizen Mohamed Siddik – in Sahil Salim police station.
Ibrahim pointed out that the human rights report convicts and implicates the Interior Ministry and he demanded the Interior Ministry officials to come to respond to these accusations mentioned in the report, and that the response should be accompanied by documents not with empty speeches.
Ibrahim demanded doing surprise visits to police stations to see the situation on the ground; responding to this suggestion, Edward Ghali, the committee chairman, said:” this is the job of the public prosecution” adding that “yes there are violations which are committed by the Interior Ministry; the perpetrators of these violations must be hunted and held accountable for their actions.
The independent MP Mohamed Amer demanded officials of the National Council For Human Rights to appear before the committee to clarify the cases of torture which are mentioned in the report ” so that we can confront the Interior Ministry officials.”
For his part, Hussein Ibrahim told Ikhwanweb that cases of torture in prisons and police stations have become a systematic phenomenon under the current regime that has violated human rights in an unprecedented method in Egypt.
Ibrahim added that the recently revealed cases of torture are only a tip of the iceberg of a very tragic status quo that the Egyptians are obliged to live under this autocratic regime.

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