Egyptian MPs Statement on Extending Emergency rule for two years

Egyptian MPs Statement on Extending Emergency rule for two years

We; the under signatories including the parliamentarians of the MB, opposition, and independents, refuse the approval of the Egyptian PA on the governmental demand to extend emergency rule for another two years despite President Hosni Mubarak”s promises that it would be dropped.


We see such extension for more than 27 years as threat to the civil state fundamentals.


We do confirm that- out of our respect to constitution and laws- we refuse the extension of emergency rule because we are not under wars or natural catastrophes.


Emergency law is against the people’s benefits and in favor of the corrupt and corruptions and aims at tarnishing freedoms and human rights prescribed by the Egyptian constitution. There have been many violations against human rights represented in random arrests and tortures inside police stations. Emergency law has seriously affected the investment in Egypt; Egyptian outside investments increased to more than 462% along with decrease of foreign investments that affected the daily problems of the Egyptians, including unemployment, price increase, and increase of crimes that all indicate the failure of the security tackling of such cases.


Emergency law led to political stagnation and paralysis of the civil societies of assuming their activities; therefore there are many political, economic, and social impacts on the country.


Consequently, we refuse the extension of the emergency law.