Egyptian MPs visit Gaza, Bahraini Mps call for lifting the siege

Egyptian MPs visit Gaza, Bahraini Mps call for lifting the siege

Dr. Ahmad Bahar, acting speaker of the Palestinian Legislative Council (PLC) received on Thursday a delegation of Egyptian MPs representatives of the Karama Party headed by Hamdain Sabah, the party”s leader.

The meeting took place at the PLC”s Headquarters in Gaza city. Dr. Bahar put the visiting delegation in the picture regarding the siege imposed on the Gaza Strip and its catastrophic effects on the population of the Gaza Strip.

Bahar said that the visit by the delegation was a historic one and that the delegation expressed their support for the Palestinian people and stressed the brotherly relationship between the Palestinian and the Egyptian peoples.

Bahar also said that the delegation expressed support for Egypt supplying the Strip with electricity and gas and said they will study the proposal at the Egyptian parliament. They also promised to setup a popular fund to support such a project.

Meanwhile, Baharain”s MPs on Tuesday called for worldwide condemnation of the Israeli siege on the Gaza Strip and condemned Arab and Islamic silence over the siege.

“It is time the people spoke out, since leaders are still quiet, without taking any action,” the MP”s said, adding that they hoped the Bahrain government condemns the atrocities being committed in Palestine and force the enemy, with the help of other friendly countries, to open the Strip and ensure aid and help reach people there.