• MB News
  • September 17, 2008
  • 5 minutes read

Egyptian National Forces Unite In MB Chairman’s Iftar

Egyptian National Forces Unite In MB Chairman’s Iftar

National leaders and prominent public figures in Egypt gathered Monday on the Iftar table of the Chairman of the Muslim Brotherhood Mohamed Mahdi Akef.

During the ceremony, the participants agreed on the need of a practical movement for reform, involving all political powers and social change movements in Egypt, with a quick mechanism of action, to implement that vision as soon as possible.

Participants confirmed that the burden of reform is undertaken by Egyptian people with all their lively and national powers. They called for these powers to put people’s aspirations and ambitions into consideration, declaring that Egyptian people could make for themselves a new life, to decide their fate by their capabilities and possibilities.

Participants called for the need of reviving national alliance, for reform and change, or establishing a front or a new committee bearing the burden of the reform cause in Egypt.

Participants included the MB Deputy Chairman Dr. Mohamed Habib, MB Executive Bureau members Dr. Mahmoud Ghozlan, Dr. Abdul Monem Abul Fotouh, Dr. Muhammad Morsy, Dr. Muhammad Badea, Dr. Mohamed Saad Al Katatni, Saad Al Husseini, the Secretary General of the MB Parliamentary Bloc Dr. Mohamed Al Beltagy, Dr. Essam Al Erian and the Secretary of the MB Chairman Masoud Al Sabhy.

Among guests were, the ex-Vice Chairman of the State Council Chancellor Tarek Al Beshry, Professor of Constitutional Law at Cairo University and the former Prime of Front party Chancellor Yahia Al Gamal, member of the Supreme Council of Al Wafd Party Chancellor Saeed Al Gamal , Islamic thinker Dr. Mohamed Emara, the Poet, Novelist and Academic Dr. Gaber Qemeha, General Coordinator for Kefaya Movement and Board member of Faculty Members Club at Cairo University Dr.Abdul Jaleel Mustafa, Islamic thinker and Professor at Faculty of Engineering at Cairo University Dr. Sayed Dosuqy Hassan, the MP and Chief of Political Science Department at Suez Canal University Dr. Gamal Zahran, National thinker Dr. Nader Al Fergany, Doctors Syndicate Dr. Hamdy Assayed, Chief of Labor Party Chancellor Mahfouz Azzam , Secretary General of Labor Party Magdy Ahmad Hussein, Professor of Constitutional Law at Faculty of Law Cairo University Dr. Atef Al Banna, Coptic thinker Dr. Rafiq Habib, Chief of Al Karama –would be- Party and MP Hamdein Sabbahy and the MP Saad Abboud.