Egyptian national parties organize strike

Egyptian national parties organize strike

Egyptian national parties organized a strike in front of Cairo University, complaining about the humiliation that professors and students face and the ill-treatment they receive from security guards and gangsters inside the university.

The protesters demanded that the government should abide by and respect the laws that protect students from the brutality of university security guards by not allowing the guards inside the universities. The protesters also repeated many statements about their right to express what they want during their protest.

Abdel Halim Kandil, member of the Kefaya Party, assured that the government is solely responsible for the inhumane actions and abuse that take place inside the universities by the guards, and that this protest is only the start of a national revolution that is about to take place.

Moreover, the assistant secretary general of Al-Amal Party assured that the aim of the protest is to highlight the unethical acts of brutality of the guards towards those who attend the universities adding that protests will not stop until they get what they want.

Various members from different political parties called for the same thing: namely, the expulsion of the security guards in the universities because of their brutal acts, which will give the university more independence.