Egyptian obstacles hinder arrival of lifeline convoy in Gaza

Egyptian obstacles hinder arrival of lifeline convoy in Gaza

The government committee for breaking the siege said Tuesday that Egyptian authorities placed obstacles to the entry of the lifeline-2 convoy led by British MP George Galloway to the Gaza Strip and there are attempts made to facilitate its entry.


The information office of the committee stated that the Egyptian authorities refused to allow in the humanitarian aid brought by the convoy through the Rafah border crossing and insisted on its entry through the Karm Abu Salem crossing, adding that the convoy members were also demanded to stay for 24 hours in Gaza instead of four days.


The committee noted that the convoy members insist on the entry of humanitarian aid through Rafah crossing.


The committee appealed to the Egyptian authorities to facilitate the humanitarian mission of the convoy and contribute to breaking the Israeli blockade imposed on impoverished Gaza.


For his part, Dr. Ghazi Hamad, the head of the crossings authority, said that the authority is in daily contact with the Egyptian side to bring near the date of reopening the Rafah crossing due to the rise in the number of passengers stranded in Gaza, noting that the Egyptians did not set a specific date for the reopening of the terminal.


He pointed out that the majority of passengers that traveled through Rafah were those who had urgent needs, calling on Egypt to understand Gaza people’s need for the opening of Rafah crossing permanently.