Egyptian Opposition Rejects Dialogue with Ruling Party

Opposition parties turned down the initiative of the Egyptian Organization for Human Rights to hold a meeting for the Constitutional Forum to discuss the constitution amendment, during February. Parties justified their refusal by the participation of the ruling National Democratic Party (NDP) in the forum.
The deputy leader of the Muslim Brotherhood, Muhammad Habeeb, asserted that the invitation will not be accepted unless the emergency laws are abolished, the fundamental freedom is guaranteed, the judiciary branch becomes independent, and a bill on the constitutional amendment is introduced.
The Leader of al-Nassary Party, Diaa el-Dean Dawood, said his party will not consider the call, adding that it will be unrealistic to hold talks with the NDP when it rejects proposals on reforming itself.
The President of al-Tagamoa Party, Rafat el-Said, remarked that the forum will be a chance to each side to put forth its views. The NDP will not force the opposition to accept its outlook. We can approve or disapprove them. He, in addition, said that there is no hostility between the opposition and the NDP.