Egyptian-origin Pakistani student found mysteriously missing in Islamabad

Defence of Human Rights held a press conference on 27th May 2011 04:00 PM in National Press Club Islamabad.

Chairperson expressed concern over recent abductions, especially condemning the illegal arrest of Abdullah s/o Muhammad Abdul Raheem, a 23 year old youth studying in the 2nd semester of Electrical Engineering in Air University Islamabad.

The incident took place on 24th May when Abdullah was found mysteriously missing from his hostel, Al-Asar in F-8 katcheri Islamabad, at around 06:00 PM. Mother Mona and brother were also present in the press conference, who appealed the government of Pakistan to trace Abdullah and defend the rights of all those citizens who have migrated long ago to settle down in Pakistan for good. Abdullah’s father who had come to Pakistan in 1980’s and had build his house and established his business here, took a permanent nationality of Pakistan after giving up his Egyptian one.

After the press conference, the family of Abdullah along with DHR officials went to register FIR in Margallah Police Station in F-8 Islamabad. Telling the SHO Fayaz Tanoli about the whole background how father and elder son was abducted and extradited to Egypt. FIR under section 365 of illegal abduction was registered. FIR no. 305/27.5.11

A phone was received from Attock where rest of the younger siblings of Abdullah were waiting in fear and hope. The younger brother Ibraheem told that special branch police have arrived in their home and they are questioning them. Amina Masood Janjua talked to them and comforted them. On the hand she called the Crisis Management Cell, director operations and secretary of the commission for the Enforced Disappeared Mr. Fareed Khan.

“The Embassy of Egypt was approached but it was closed therefore it was decided to report it on Monday”

Sunday 29th Mar 2011: At around 11:30 AM Abdullah’s youngest brother Ibraheem went to the Market in Attock to buy milk and bread, BUT DID NOT RETURN. When Ahmad went after him, the market shopkeeper told him to be careful as your brother has been picked up. He also told that there we two vehicles on surveillance of your house last night and as soon as your brother came out the special branch police followed him and picked him.

Terrified the family of mother Mona and four younger siblings told eldest brother Abdul Rehman in Egypt about the whole situation. Abdul Rahman immediately contacted Mrs. Amina Masood. Again Mr. Fareed Khan was approached and Mrs. Janjua recorded her strongest verbal protest at this blatant and repeated violation of human rights. She condemned these atrocities committed to a peaceful and law abiding Egyptian Family, who have migrated 30 years back and made Pakistan their adopted homeland.

Mr. Fareed Khan also lamented the fact, and asked her to bring both the two FIR’s in his office (National Crisis Management Cell, Ministry of Interior) on Monday.

Amina Masood Janjua has asked CPO Rawalpindi to provide transport and escort to her so that she can go to Attock city for the comfort of the family and register FIR for Ibraheem’s abduction in Attock Police Station.


Profile of Abdullah

Name: Abdullah s/o Muhammad Abdul Raheem

Date of birth: 8th Aug.1985

Education: Student of 2nd semester of Electronic engineering

in Air University – Islamabad,E-9

Address of Family: At present living in Attock city.

Family background: Abdullah’s Mother from Egyptian origin having nara card and Father Muhammad also from Egyptian origin came to Pakistan to settle down for good in 80s . Father gave up his Egyptian Nationality to get a Pakistani one in 1992. Documents are also available. When the family arrived in Pakistan the eldest son Abdul Rehman was 8 years old , and Abdullah was 1 year and nine months old. Later on two daughters were born in Pakistan. Muhammad married second time to a Pakistani Lady ,from whom they had 3 boys. Father was abducted from Peshawar in 1994 and extradited to Egypt. The family was living in Peshawar at that time. Six years back they migrated to Attock city as they were facing many threats. The house Muhammad owned in Hayatabad phase 1, Peshawar was given on rent. The couple’s eldest son Abdul Rehman ,born on 18.9.1980 , was also arrested in Ramzan 2004. He was kept in a Pakistani detention for one and a half years and then in 2005 extradited to Egypt , from where after 5 months he was set free. However as there were emergency laws in Egypt so the father remained in prison from 1994 to 2011 without any trial in notorious Egyptian prisons. Only recently after the Egyptian revolution, his father was released on 17thMarch, 2011.

Abduction Story of Abdullah: He was abducted from F-8 Markaz hostel at around 6 pm on 24th of May 2011. His hostel is Al-Asr in Islamabad katchree. Two months after the release of his father he was disappeared mysteriously after he offered the Asar prayers along with other hostelite friends .Last time he called his family at 3pm on 24thMay, 2011. He told that the electricity is giving trouble due to which he can’t study. Abdullah had nokia mobile having number: 0332-5620319 the model of the mobile is 1202.

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