• July 18, 2017
  • 4 minutes read

Egyptian Parliament Abroad Condemns Violent Warraq Island Eviction by Coup Forces

Egyptian Parliament Abroad Condemns Violent Warraq Island Eviction by Coup Forces
The main goals of the military coup d’état of July 3, 2013 in Egypt were the trampling of popular will, undermining the popular Revolution for rights, freedoms and dignity, and serving the interests of the wealthy oligarchs and a junta of the military leadership that ruled over Egypt.

In order to carry out their criminal agenda, the junta chose to kill, to spill the sacred blood of innocent Egyptians. Since 2013, the ruling military junta’s crimes and ambitions to serve their own interests extended to sacrificing Egypt and its people. They then signed the Ethiopian Renaissance Dam agreement – which threatens the water security of Egypt and its people.

Then, again, the junta forcibly displaced the people of Rafah, in a most violent brutal and inhuman manner; and later signed over the Egyptian Tiran and Sanafir islands – which threatens Egypt’s national security.

Today (Sunday), Egyptians witnessed the junta’s brutal attack on Al-Warraq Island (a 1300-acre Nile island in Cairo’s Giza governorate). Coup forces attacked Warraq residents with tear gas, rubber bullets and birdshots. One citizen was killed and dozens were injured, some seriously.

The murderers killed the unarmed Egyptian citizen, even though he did not commit any crime, but tried to protect his family and home. Adding insult to injury, junta security forces fired live rounds and rubber bullets at his funeral, injuring many more innocent people. The junta’s heinous plot is to evict people from this Nile island to serve the "investment" interests of businessmen and the military junta.

The bitter harvest of the military coup is growing, stretching out day by day, taking lives, spilling blood, curbing freedoms, displacing people from their homes, and even from the entire homeland.

The legitimate Egyptian Parliament calls on the people of Egypt to stand firm and use all legitimate means against the evil plot to violate the homeland and the people, led by the military coup junta. We must stop the trampling of the rights of the homeland and the people.

Egyptian Parliament Abroad

Monday – July 17, 2017