• October 27, 2015
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Egyptian Parliament Abroad Condemns Coup Arrest of Elected MPs Hussein Ibrahim, Mustafa Sherifa

Egyptian Parliament Abroad Condemns Coup Arrest of Elected MPs Hussein Ibrahim, Mustafa Sherifa

The legitimate Egyptian Parliament abroad regrets and condemns the arrest by junta forces of elected MPs Hussein Ibrahim, leader of the majority at the legitimate People’s Assembly (Egypt’s Lower House of Parliament), who is also the Secretary General of the Freedom and Justice Party (FJP) and President of the World Forum for Islamist Parliamentarians, as well as a distinguished lawmaker (for Alexandria) in the 2000 and 2005 parliaments, and in the January 25 Revolution Parliament elected in 2012; and Mustafa Sherifa, member of parliament for Upper Egypt – for Qena province – in Shura Council (Egypt’s Upper House of Parliament). Coup security forces took the two MPs to an undisclosed location. This Egyptian Parliament fears for their lives.

The crime MP Hussein Ibrahim committed is that he is a very popular lawmaker who fought corruption and resisted despotism before the January 2011 Revolution, and is the leader of the majority whose party (the FJP) won the trust and confidence of the street in all democratic elections that followed the January 25 Revolution.

Indeed, we believe neither Ibrahim, nor his colleague Sherifa committed any crime for which they are arrested. In fact, there are 178 more elected MPs, similarly guiltless, languishing in horrid junta jails. We wonder: for what reason should elected lawmakers be hounded by an illegitimate brutal military junta?

The Egyptian Parliament abroad condemns these irresponsible practices of the oppressive illegitimate regime, and stands in full solidarity with those MPs hounded by the coup’s vengeful security apparatuses as well as those already arrested and detained. We warn the coup regime against all violations of these lawmakers’ rights, and hold the putschists fully responsible for these innocent politicians’ lives. We will submit and open their case in all international forums.

Long live Egypt proud and free

Long live the Revolution, from strength to strength

Egyptian Parliament Abroad

Tuesday – October 27, 2015