• June 16, 2017
  • 4 minutes read

Egyptian Parliament Abroad Slams Upholding of Mansoura Youths Death Sentences

Egyptian Parliament Abroad Slams Upholding of Mansoura Youths Death Sentences
The military coup commanders in Egypt continue to kill Egyptians in cold blood, from extrajudicial killings of citizens subjected to enforced disappearance, to the slow murder of tens of thousands of patriotic people who reject military rule and therefore are languishing in prison.

The latest ruling of the Court of Cassation to uphold the death sentence against 6 Egyptian youths in a sham and unfair trial that relied only on interrogation statements from the notorious State Security Apparatus – the Egyptian people’s nemesis – and on confessions extracted under the worst forms of torture.

Executions verdicts in Egypt reached 787 victims; 8 of whom have been already executed in three cases, and 7 more death sentences have recently been upheld in two additional cases.

Therefore, we declare to these "murderers in the name of the law": The blood of innocent people will not go unpunished. No matter how long it takes, retribution will inevitably be exacted from the commanders who give the unjust orders, as well as those who execute the orders, those who aid and abet, and those who cheer the extrajudicial executions.

If judges of this world become a tool in the hands of the military junta, our confidence in the Judge of Heaven, and in the will of the Egyptian people, now starting to wake up from the junta’s media campaigns of misinformation, compel us to defend the right of Egyptians to a decent life, freedom and justice – no matter how long it takes.

We call upon the people of Egypt and the free world to stand united behind this humanitarian cause so the criminal putschists, the coup regime, will stop the brutal blood-spilling whose purpose is to vengefully punish all those who reject their repressive practices against the people of Egypt.

We are confident that peoples’ revolutions may falter or be held back, but a revolution that seeks freedom, human dignity and justice will not die.

Egyptian Parliament Abroad

Thursday – June 15, 2017