• February 2, 2015
  • 4 minutes read

Egyptian Parliament Statement Refutes Junta Foreign Ministry False Claims, Accusations

Egyptian Parliament Statement Refutes Junta Foreign Ministry False Claims, Accusations

 Today (Sunday), the Foreign Ministry of the illegitimate military coup regime in Egypt issued a ludicrous statement about the legitimate parliament, alleging it belongs to the Muslim Brotherhood, and describing members of parliament elected by the people in free and fair elections as terrorists and wanted among other false claims and accusations.

The Egyptian Parliament affirms the following:

First: The so-called Egyptian Foreign Ministry is part of an illegitimate government that came after a bloody military coup, and is an integral part of that traitorous coup.

Second: Members of this Egyptian Parliament were elected by the Egyptian people, against whose will the junta rose and grabbed power in June and July 2013.

Third: The Egyptian parliament is part of the Egyptian people. It represents them, and acts on their behalf. It does not belong or owe allegiance to any particular group or party, only to the Egyptian people.

Fourth: The legitimate government is that appointed by the elected President, currently held hostage by the junta, Dr. Mohamed Morsi, which includes some MPs and ministers who survived the brutal massacres and the relentless campaign of arbitrary arrest by the usurpers, the military junta regime. Those legitimate members of Morsi’s government are not terrorists. In fact, the real terrorist is that who grabbed power by sheer force, killed innocent people, tortured and arrested and raped men, women and children of Egypt, and for whom this so-called Foreign Ministry works.

Fifth: The Egyptian Parliament will never give up its role and duty in protecting the unarmed Egyptian people and making their case before all parliaments of the world, until it achieves the people’s goals and reinstates democratic legitimacy in Egypt.

Sixth: The Egyptian Parliament reiterates its warning to all states in the world not to deal with the illegitimate military regime that usurped power in Egypt and warns that any agreement entered into with that regime is null and void.

In conclusion, the Egyptian Parliament affirms that it is taking all possible actions abroad in support of the revolutionary movement at home, to help it achieve the objectives of the January 25 Revolution and overthrow the rule of the military junta, whose end has approached and the hour of reckoning looms on the horizon for its officials who violated the rights and freedoms of this great nation.